Balance scooter or electric kick scooter: which is more suitable for you ?

In order to meet people’s short distance travel needs, more and more types of transportation vehicle appear in people’s lives, such as electric motorcycles, folding electric bicycle, electric kick scooter, self balancing scooter and other new products, and in these means of transportation vehicle , electric kick scooters and self balancing scooter has become the hottest products, but consumers are often stuck in the purchase between the two scooters, do not know to choose electric kick scooters or self balancing scooter, today we would like to Talk about topic of which one to choose among electric kick scooters and self balancing scooters.

6.5 inch self balancing scooter

Product principle and price comparison:

Electric kick scooter is designed base on the traditional kick scooters, in the human labor powered scooter basis,they just add the batteries, motors, lights, dashboards, computer chips and other components, while the wheels, brakes, scooter frame and other systems has been upgraded too, from which the electric kick scooters generated. Generally it used more in daily life travel, especially welcome by the office workers. At present, the price of electric kick scooters from 150$ to 1000$ range, they are very popular with young groups in bigs cities among developed countries such as Europe and the United Sates.

Self balancing scooter, also well known as electric balance scooter, hoverboard, segway scooter etc, with single wheel and two wheels types. self balancing scooter is a new vehicle appeared in recent years, with battery powered motor, computer chip plus sensor to help control , it can use the scooter’s gyroscope and acceleration sensor to real-time monitoring of body posture changes, and make adjustments to achieve “dynamic” stability, it is used as a modern means of transport, leisure and entertainment. In addition to daily transport, in some exhibitions are often play their roles in the means of transport. The current price generally range from 100$ to 500$.

8 inch electric kick scooter

Performance comparison:

1. Portability

Electric kick scooter consist of the scooter frame, wheels, battery, brake systems, lighting systems, instrument panels and other components, a 36V 8A lithium battery powered light electric kick scooter net weight only about 12 kg, folding length is generally not more than 1.2 meters, with a height of not more than 50 cm, can be portable and also can be placed in the trunk.

Self balancing scooter consist of the tyres, pedals, motors, battery, brakes and other electronic components, a 72v 2A Lithium battery power unicycle balance scooter weighs about 15 kg, its dimension similar to a small car tires.

Overall, the self balancing scooter is slightly heavier in weight, although the balance scooter requires manual handling if power off, but the installation of carrying rod to the self balancing scooter is a better solution to this problem.

2. Climbing Ability

Self balancing scooter wheel size can reach more than 12 inches, able to adapt to many types of road conditions.

Electric kick scooter tire size generally does not exceed 10 inches, dealing with the general urban road is still relatively easy, but when situation encountered poor road conditions they are more difficult.

3. Security

Electric kick scooters and self balancing scooter both belongs to non motor vehicles without any additional safety devices,only allowed to drive in slow speed in the non-motorized road in theory,strictly use in accordance with the design speed will create a safer and more convenient travel experience.

Function Comparison:

Loading capacity

Self balancing scooter and electric kick scooter loading capacity difference is not very large, but as the electric kick scooter pedal is more spacious, is able to carry two people some times, so the carrying capacity, the electric kick scooter is relatively more advantage.

2. Endurance

Electric kick scooters designed considering the frequency of short-range usage higher, along with the highest speed and difference for driving, electric kick scooter driving mileage is usually better than the self balancing scooter with the same capacity battery, the longer driving mileage is, the electric kick scooter Or balanced scooter will increase the corresponding weight, at this point, the two are more consistent.

3. Driving difficulty

Electric kick scooters are driven in a manner similar to electric bikes, and they are superior to electric bikes in terms of station ability and are easier to handle.Self balancing scooter itself does not have control devices, only rely on the computer’s self balancing function and the driver’s intention . Although the self balancing scooter driving method more fashionable, and it is easy to learn, but if you want very precise control still needs some time to practice.

4. Speed
Electric kick scooters acceleration and braking devices can be manually controlled, more direct control, so a reasonable speed can be higher, but for safety reasons, the electric kick scooter speed 25km/H is more appropriate, exceed this speed is prone to dangerous situations.
Self balancing scooter although theoretically can achieve a wider speed, but based on security considerations, manufacturers will usually control its speed within 20km/h range(mostly are within 12-15km/h).
Summary:Electric kick scooters and self balancing scooters as two different types of portable means of transport, positioning in the function is also very similar, which is the main reason we bring here for comparison. Second, in actual use, these two products in the portability, endurance are not obvious,self balancing scooter is more dominant than electric kick in climbing ability, and electric kick scooters in loading capacity and driving speed are superior to the self balancing scooter. Consumers should choose according to their actual usage, if it used as a city travel tool, the two don’t have too much difference, whether it is electric kick scooter or self balancing scooter can be a choice, if you want to use as a short distance means of transport , electric kick Scooter is more convenient, while more functional and practical.