How much is a 6.5 inch hoverboard ?

Ok, it’s time to answer the question you have been asking wherever you have seen this article. How much are hoverboards ? How much is a 6.5 inch two wheels hands free hoverboard ? I would like to share you clear information about 6.5 inch hoverboard price in this article.

6.5 inch two wheels hoverboard cheap price only 199$

These 6.5 inch hoverboards ranges between $199 to $699. When you are shopping from some direct sale Chinese online shop ( who provide OEM service for international brand ), as the market competition is fierce, these OEM provider may sell hoverboard 199$ online to end buyer,because even 199$, they still have a lot more profit than selling to Walmart, Bestbuy, Carrefour ;this is the best choice for end buyers, however, you may need to wait for 7-12 days to get your hoverboard finally, as these OEM provider need to ship hoverboard from China to HK or to your local countries, then they can transship with FedEx, UPS etc, because FedEx ,DHL and UPS don’t accept these kind of dangerous goods in China until they have arrived at US,UK,Germany etc..Well, these hoverboard sell at $199 usually not UL2272 approved, only GS or TUV certificated CE approved, its quality should be good too, just without UL2272 approval. With UL 2272 listed quality and certificate, their online retail price may comes around 279$-319$, depends on detailed models.Another choice is shopping from Amazon,the cheapest 6.5 hoverboard on for Christmas promotion is 349$ currently, include shipping, but tax was not included. Normally,its price will be around USD399-USD499, some exclusively models and big brands they are selling at a bit expensive price.If you want to have a hoverboard right now, you can go to Walmart , Bestbuy etc big supermarket, their price may be a bit expensive compared with buying online, but its advantage is that you can get it right away.

Don’t buy 6.5 inch hoverboards price below $199, these hoverboards usually come from spurious manufacturers that want to make some fast cash and therefore can sell hoverboards at staggeringly low prices. Most hoverboards accidents are caused by these kind of low cost hoverboards with sucks battery and battery charger etc.