Hoverboard still among the top 5 popular products in Black Friday

The fourth Friday of November each year, also known as Black Friday, is the next day of Thanksgiving Day . In the black Friday, the shopping atmosphere in physical store is very hot, many people stand in a line early in the morning or even from the night before ,to grab what they want the first time. It is like 11th November in China, but 11th November in China is a shopping holiday for online store in China,while Black Friday in United States is a shopping holiday for physical store.

Every year the United States local media, shopping blog will be rated the most worthy of the purchase of five kinds of products, this year is no exception, last year’s hot car was rated as the best gift of the year, and later we all know, we surprise To find this year, the car is still on the list. According to the US CBS media reports, the five most worth buying five categories of products are:

According to Unites States CBS reports, below are the top five worth buying products during Black Friday of 2016:

1. TV
TVs have always been hot products for Black Friday, 2016 is no exception. For low end TV, many people are willing to line up to buy earlier. In Wal-Mart, Element 40 inch TV is only sold for $125, according to CNET report it is currently the lowest price with the same size. Polaroid 32 inch only $85, Bestbuy 49 inch 4K TV only $200 !

cheap TV in Black Friday

2. “Apple” products
Apple has its own retail stores, generally physical shopping malls rarely sell apple products, and because Apple official price restrictions, many promotions are based on gift cards or coupons. For example now iphone7, bestbuy and Wal-Mart are offering $250 gift card for purchase promotion.

Iphone 7 offers gift card as promotion in Black Friday

3. Hoverboard
Hoverboard is hottest product among 2015 and 2016, although hoverboard were banned for sale for several months in Unites States due to security reasons . But in the late 2016, it seems that the problem has been resolved, and it return to the market in Thanksgiving Day.Big supermarket like Wal-mart offers large discount up to $100.However, consumers must confirm before buying that the hoverboard were latest UL2272 approved hoverboard, and ensure that hoverboard package with UL certification label.

hoverboard for black friday

4. Skin care products
According to dealnews.com, stores such as best buy, Wal-Mart, Ulta Beauty have been open their doors from 6:00 am of Thanksgiving Day to 2:00am of Black Friday, and offer 50% discount.

Skin care products for Black Friday

5. Wine
Consumers may found wine products don’t have large discount like skin care products and electronic products, but in some online shop, such as Amazon, the discount offer is still quite large.

Wine for Black Friday