2017 latest electric skateboard news

During 2016, electric skateboard has became a popular products like hoverboard. During CES 2017,new electric skateboard with updated motor and speed mode has been came out.

2017 latest electric skateboard

Some electric skateboard has make the best improvements in the motor, power doubled with adding a 1000W sensorless brushless off road type motor and has better thermal performance. At the same time the safety of lithium batteries has also been improved to achieve two modes: temperature warning mode and over temperature mode. Once the over temperature mode is reached, the throttle is limited and the cooling time is given to ensure safety.

In addition, the electric skateboard headlights and taillights are still equipped. In order to be better recognized by drivers at night, headlamp brightness increased by 50%. The three modes of these high power LEDs are on, off and flashing, user can choose depending on the situation.

But the biggest improvement for electric skateboard is to provide four speed mode, so people with different experience levels can enjoy the ride of fun. At the lowest speed mode, the beginner can enjoy a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour and the user can get slow acceleration and affinity braking. At the fastest speed mode, the maximum speed up to 20 miles per hour, with extreme acceleration and extreme braking function. Normal mode and expert mode set between the two modes.

Talking about the price, normal electric skateboard cost around 400-1300USD,depending on detailed function and different brand. If reader are not sure which electric skateboard to buy, you can email us to ask for help.