2 wheels 10 inch self balance scooter

10 inch self balance scooter designed to give riders an exciting riding experience with minimum studying time. This hands free two wheels stand up scooter makes use of gyroscope sensors to achieve self-balancing functions. The internal workings of the scooter use gyro sensors, a 350 watts brushless dc motor and a set of rechargeable Lithium ion battery pack. Users can manage the scooter to [...]

N5 hoverboard: hoverboard that can jumps

Hoverboard still been very hot in the past 2016 , and it leads to the blooming of entire self balance scooter and short distance transportation vehicles industry, this product is destined to be historical records. Due to hoverboard quality reasons, hoverboard business has been so hard for six months in 2016,but China's major hoverboard manufacturers [...]

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UL2272 approved electric kick scooter

On 20th December 2016,UL (China) held a meeting with the topical of "travel with quality,smart wins" in Beijing Kerry Hotel,to introduce new standards of balance scooter, unmanned aerial vehicles, electric bicycles as well as issue new UL certificate for applicant. Fast Wheel F0 electric kick scooter has got UL certification in November, which is the [...]

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2017 latest electric skateboard news

During 2016, electric skateboard has became a popular products like hoverboard. During CES 2017,new electric skateboard with updated motor and speed mode has been came out. Some electric skateboard has make the best improvements in the motor, power doubled with adding a 1000W sensorless brushless off road type motor and has better thermal performance. At [...]

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