Protective gears you need to have for bike riding

Riding a bicycle is amazing, but you’d better prepare some necessary protective gears before riding, so you will be always safety and get your self better exercised.

1. Head:it is necessary to wear a helmet while riding a bike.
2. Eyes:it is necessary to have goggles or sunglasses to anti sand, reduce glare and so on.
3. Nose: you can have an optional magic scarf, bring it during ride on the road as possible as you can, otherwise it would not a happy moment to clean your nose.
4. Neck: you can have an optional collar or scarf, POLO style or line style.Riding in the daytime would make your neck easily burned by sun.
5. Arm: optional sleeves, sun shine proof.
6. Elbow: optional elbow protection pads to tighten the muscles and protect your elbow if fall down.
7. Wrist: optional wrist protection pads.
8. Hand: it is necessary to wear gloves, half fingers covered glove is light, but fully covered gloves can protect you better.
9. Body: optional riding clothes, if you do not like to wear riding clothes you can choose other slim clothes, the clothes should not be too loose.
10. Leg: Necessary have protection clothes for legs, if you don’t have riding pants, then wear a tight four corners underwear, to avoid inner leg friction caused by abrasions.
11. Knee: optional knee pads, better to have a pair so that it can tighten the muscles and protect your knees.
12. Ankle: optional, foot wrap or good elasticity socks.
13. Foot: it is necessary to have a pair of hard bottom and low upper shoes, breathable or not depends on personal preferences.

9 things you need to do before buying a bicycle

It is to right season for a short traveling or doing morning exercise in the park, you are about to buy a new bicycle to do these things. Well, don’t make your decision right away on which bicycle to buy before you have done below 9 things:

1.Look: check if the wheel size is appropriate, style and equipped parts satisfying or not, see if some of the solder joints and screws rusted,the paint is smooth or not, whether the bicycle rim is made of aluminum or Steel? Generally,aluminum rim is expensive than steel rim.

2.Ask: whether the bicycle seller can provide invoices and warranty card.

3.Listen: turn up the bicycle wheels, listen to the sound and see whether the wheel rotation sound sounds good ?

4.Dial: if it is a variable speed bicycle, then dial the speed lever to check whether the speed regulation system is smooth or not ? (Dail both front and real lever, at all levels)

5.Rotating: lift the front wheel or rear wheel, let the wheels turn up to see if the wheels are straight or not.

6.Brake: brake and see whether the bicycle tires still rotating being pushed driving the car tires are also rotating, when the wheels is rotating,braking can be effective.

7.Shake: shake the bicycle handle, check the handle and faucet is appropriate locked?

8.Press: squeeze the tire to see if the tire pressure is enough, tire air leak or not ? Is the shock absorber smooth? How is the elasticity of shock absorber (both front and back anti shock absorber ) ?

9.Ride: try to ride for a while, and feel it, then you can make the final decision.

4 important invention in the whole bicycle development history

Different bicycle manufacturers seems introduce a lot of new products and new technology every year, it looks like that it is difficult to keep up with the bicycle trend. However, real innovation is rare, and now these new marketing concepts and technology are actually those historic technology .

1.Disc brake

In recent years, the disc brake appear a lot on the road and develop gradually, but the mountain bike has been using disc brakes for 20 fact, if you check carefullly, you will find some travel bike has been using it 40 years ago. In the middle 1970s, Shimano developed the mechanical disc brake BC-300 and sold the specific hydraulic disc brake BC-200 for bicycle.

disc brake for bicycle

In the same period, there are brands such as Phil Wood and BridgeStone also joined the disc brake market.
Prior to this, Schwinn use mechanical disc brake in the Manta-Ray stroller, During 1970s,when muscle car and modern fashion is popular, lever speed, rubber cushion, anti shock front fork and bald tires have been appeared.

2.Synchronous speed

Nowadays,synchronous speed is just like a basic feature of Shimano Di2, which allows the rider to control multiple transmissions through a finger, this design appeared in the 1990s and was still a relatively obscure product. The system uses a single dial to control front dial and rear dial of 24 or 27 speed bike, the two outlet holes show the shift mechanism link the front and rear dial through the internal complex mechanical structure.

Synchronous speed regulator for bicycle

3.Anti shock front fork

Although it can not be concluded that this is the first anti shock front fork, but this is definitely the first patent which can be checked for telescopic anti shock front fork (rather than connecting rod), GW Sage designed this front fork in 1922, It uses a telescopic structure, and the spring were hidden in the tube, it has been very close to the current suspension front fork design.

front anti shock fork for bicycle

4.Super wide tire with super wide rims

In the past few years, the tires and rims in the bike began to grow in the direction of width, it seems we can see “Plus” signs everywhere, but as early as 15 years ago, Nokian had produced a 3 inch width DH exterior tires, named Gazzaloddi.

super width tire and rim for bicycle

For the wide rim, it is generally believed that the width should be about 33 mm, and during that time Sun Ringle has produced, 46 mm width exterior DH rim.

Why not dry cleaning your bicycle ?

Cleaning is a big problem for bicycle, especially the axis,hub may rusted if water penetrated. Why not try dry cleaning your bicycle ?

1.Dry cleaning the chain and guide wheel

In order to avoid useless work, before cleaning the chain, we recommend you to check whether your chain needs to be replaced, excessive stretching of the chain will accelerate wear and tear of the driving system and pull down the riding efficiency. We don’t recommend cleaning chain with kerosene or industrial degreasing agents, they will easily wash out grease inside the chain,the best choice is to clean lint free cotton cloth with specific chain cleaner for bicycle.

dry cleaning bicycle chain

First spray the specific chain cleaner on the chain and cloth, wrap the bottom of chain with the cloth, and turn the crank in the reverse direction,you will see dirt on the cloth,if the cloth is too dirty, then replace a clean cloth and continue to wipe until the chain became glory again.

During the cleaning process, it is recommended to clean the guide wheel and plate, to avoid the dirt on the guide wheel and plate stain the chian again immediately,be careful not to scratch your fingers during cleaning.

2.Dry cleaning the flywheel

Remove the rear wheel, spray the specific cleaning agent on the flywheel and cloth.Place the rear wheel vertical stability, embed the cloth into the flywheel gap, pull back and forth, we recommended that to cut the cloth into strips so that it can improve the utilization rate and save cost.If the flywheel is very dirty, you may need more cleaners and cloth.

Dry cleaning bicycle flywheel

3.Dry cleaning the bicycle frame and the wheels

Before cleaning the frame, remove the front and rear wheels, remove the code table, lights, tool kits and other accessories, remove large particles sticked during the spare parts gap,pull the stalls to the lowest level to keep the chain relaxed. After the preparation work is completed, spray the diluted cleaning agent onto the frame, and use a cloth to wipe the surface, pay attention to the back and bottom of front fork, rear triangle inner side, bottom bracket, folder and other parts, if the bicycle has electronic speed meter , power meter and other electronic components, you need to be very careful during clean. Using the same method to wipe the rims, spokes, hubs, check the tires, brakes, and so on. If it is a carbon fiber wheel, it is recommended that the wheels should be completely dry and then replace. Otherwise, abnormal sound may occur.

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Important tip for hoverboard battery

Spring is coming, and it is time for picnic outdoors now, electric hoverboard players can take out their hidden in winter hoverboard out and play out now.

What ? You hoverboard can’t charge ? or driving mileage is shorter and shorter.In fact, this is because the battery exhausted, resulting in low voltage so that the lithium battery can not start, which makes the battery early failed (because the voltage below rated value, resulting in the battery cell can not start the charging process again).


This situation most often occurs in digital camera battery, many people will buy a few more digital camera battery, but sometimes these batteries are not often used, coupled with the usual neglect of charging, when the battery power is lower than a certain voltage without too much attention, the battery was so scrapped.

Lithium battery stored too long without charge, it will be broken.

Over charging, the problem we may have noticed ,many devices with over charge protection function and will automatically switch off to protect the battery.

But another problem we should pay attention to is that:, do not use the battery without any electricity.Often hear someone suggest you “best running out the battery, and better to charge after it automatically power off”, but this saying in the lithium battery world is completely wrong. When the iPhone warning when it has only 20% electricity,it is necessary preparing for charge.Lithium battery if excessive discharged, may lead to too low battery voltage and causing the battery early scrapped.Use life of Lithium battery often over discharged, is about 50% more shorter than lithium battery frequently charged.

Pay attention to this tip for hoverboard battery, your electric balance hoverboard battery life will be much durable and longer.

Robot scooter automatically follow owner and help carrying things

Are you still worrying about carry clothes and goods after shopping ?A newly developed robot scooter can help you.

Piaggio Fast Forward, a robot company belongs to Italy motorcycle manufacturer Piaggio, has developed an new automatic transport robot- Gita. Gita means “short trip” in Italy.

Gita is a dedicated robot scooter used to carry maximum 18kg things, it is very easy to use, you only need put things into it,Gita will follow your waling step automatically.

Automatically follow function requires the user wearing a white belt on the body, with the camera on the belt,Gita can identify the owner, under the technology of synchronous positioning and mapping, it can create a 3D point Cloud map according to the user’s walking path. It is As long as Gita walking from a path once, Gita will be able to remember the route and automatic travel next time.
robot scooter automatic follow its owners walking steps
It can also have a lot of other usage, for example, when you play digital games it can help you go downstairs and buy beers;get courier for you; to help you deliver something and so on. It can walk 8 hours after being charged for 3 hours.

After completion of the task, gita will find a quiet corner itself for itself and waiting for command from user.

Gita was exhibited in Massachusetts,Boston on Feb 2017 without setting a target price. Piaggio said that Gita is still under testing this year.After perfect testing, they will be listed on the market soon.

World's lightest folding electric kick scooter in 2017

Recently,electric kick scooter has been very popular,many electric scooters manufacturer have been developing various new styles.Today,we would like to introduce the world’s lightest folding electric kick scooter-Linky.

Linky is a powerful folding electric kick scooter, can be put away into a backpack. Rider can use it in cities to go to work or for travel. its weights only 4.9 kg.

View from the appearance,it is a very small and cool electric kick scooter.After folding its size is only equivalent to a laptop. For fashion travel liker, carrying it for holiday resort can be so cool.

It can be folded. Linky adopts patented folding design, folding and open is so easy. The design team is racking their brains to ensure that the system is durable and powerful.

The entire electric kick scooter weights only 4.9 kg because it use carbon fiber and bamboo mixed material for scooter deck.

The Linky electric kick scooter is very strong, you can steering in high speed, Linky can flexibly deal with it. The electric kick scooter wheels diameter is 83cm which has been proved can provide the best user experience for this design.

Linky meets airway regulations. Electric kick scooter power system supports BMS technology which can manage the battery charging and discharge process, to ensure the battery safety, so that the battery has the longest life span. The battery is in compliance with the IATA regulations and can be carried onto the airplane.

Linky adopt fast charging technology. Only need 30 minutes to fulfilled to 85% of the battery capacity,and its driving mileage up to 15 km.
In addition Linky’s waterproof rating reached IP65. User can ride it even on the road with surface water.

There is a LED head light in the front side, user can ride it even in the evening. Linky was controlled by Bluetooth remote control.User accelerating and braking by the Bluetooth remote control.
Its general technical specifications as below:
Drving mileage: 15 km
Maximum load: 160 kg
Maximum speed: 30 km/h
Battery parameters: 100Wh lithium ion battery
Wheel diameter: 83mm deck
Deck thickness: 6 mm
Opening Size: 800x280x120 mm
Folding Size: 400x280x120 mm

Linky currently has been in fund raising process,its target price is 749USD/piece,you can expect to receive it on April 2017.

Hoverboard still among the top 5 popular products in Black Friday

The fourth Friday of November each year, also known as Black Friday, is the next day of Thanksgiving Day . In the black Friday, the shopping atmosphere in physical store is very hot, many people stand in a line early in the morning or even from the night before ,to grab what they want the first time. It is like 11th November in China, but 11th November in China is a shopping holiday for online store in China,while Black Friday in United States is a shopping holiday for physical store.

Every year the United States local media, shopping blog will be rated the most worthy of the purchase of five kinds of products, this year is no exception, last year’s hot car was rated as the best gift of the year, and later we all know, we surprise To find this year, the car is still on the list. According to the US CBS media reports, the five most worth buying five categories of products are:

According to Unites States CBS reports, below are the top five worth buying products during Black Friday of 2016:

1. TV
TVs have always been hot products for Black Friday, 2016 is no exception. For low end TV, many people are willing to line up to buy earlier. In Wal-Mart, Element 40 inch TV is only sold for $125, according to CNET report it is currently the lowest price with the same size. Polaroid 32 inch only $85, Bestbuy 49 inch 4K TV only $200 !

cheap TV in Black Friday

2. “Apple” products
Apple has its own retail stores, generally physical shopping malls rarely sell apple products, and because Apple official price restrictions, many promotions are based on gift cards or coupons. For example now iphone7, bestbuy and Wal-Mart are offering $250 gift card for purchase promotion.

Iphone 7 offers gift card as promotion in Black Friday

3. Hoverboard
Hoverboard is hottest product among 2015 and 2016, although hoverboard were banned for sale for several months in Unites States due to security reasons . But in the late 2016, it seems that the problem has been resolved, and it return to the market in Thanksgiving Day.Big supermarket like Wal-mart offers large discount up to $100.However, consumers must confirm before buying that the hoverboard were latest UL2272 approved hoverboard, and ensure that hoverboard package with UL certification label.

hoverboard for black friday

4. Skin care products
According to, stores such as best buy, Wal-Mart, Ulta Beauty have been open their doors from 6:00 am of Thanksgiving Day to 2:00am of Black Friday, and offer 50% discount.

Skin care products for Black Friday

5. Wine
Consumers may found wine products don’t have large discount like skin care products and electronic products, but in some online shop, such as Amazon, the discount offer is still quite large.

Wine for Black Friday

Is sharing self balance scooter mode possible ?

It seems in just one night a bike rental service called sharing bike began in April 2016, and then you can see it everywhere.Shared bike brand OFO get a total of 4 rounds of financing, and rapid expanding.

ofo sharing bicycles

According to the data provided by OFO, after one year operation, OFO has nearly 70,000 shared bicycles, total of 15 million times sharing bicycles, daily orders more than 500,000, the number of users is around 1.5 million from 20 cities in China. From the data,OFO is the largest sharing bicycle platform in China.

And immediately there are “Mobile electric scooter”, “Mobile car” and other rental services following sharing bicycles, and earn a lot of money in a short time, due to short distance travel has a great potential demand and high frequency of use , these short distance travel tool and model has been successful.

Then for the self balance scooters, as an initially considered as a short distance travel tool, can they follow this sharing mode too ?

Although after three years of high speed development, self balance scooter already well known by the public, but for the self balance scooters and their application is undoubtedly still curiosity and interesting to public, so self balance scooter rental model can utilize people’s curiosity, target to gadget rental market. Changes in the application of self balance scooter undoubtedly affect the application places. This means that the self balance scooter can not be renting like bikes, electric scooters and cars that just living on the road, customers can ride anytime; self balance scooter should rental in entertainment places, parks, leisure venues, government agencies, large hotels, subways, large shopping malls , farm, school etc., and it has a higher requirements for the models, electric unicycle balance scooter is so hard to learn, I am afraid it is difficult to rent out.

segway scooter

Two wheels self balance scooter, such as Xiaomi 9 mini segway scooter, Segway scooter etc,can be used easily, as long as the rent mode properly set, cost control is good, we think they can be popular too.

Stator electric motorcycle: Harley Davidson like folding electric motorcycle

Today we would like to introduce you an electric motorcycle which have won Core77 Industrial Design Award in 2016-its name is Stator.

Stator folding electric motorcycle

The shape of the Stator is a bit like the Harley Davidson electric motorcycle ( some people call it scrooser or citycoco, it is very hot during 2015 and 2016 ) we’ve ever seen, but it looks more cooler than Harley, and its scooter frame more simple, leaving only the necessary parts. The electric motorcycle weighs only about 40kg.
Stator is a short distance travel vehicle which can solve the final one kilometer problem, it has a maximum design speed of 40 km/h and driving mileage of 32 k , motorcycle powered by built in lithium ion battery and drive by 1000W rear motor.

Main feature of the stator electric motorcycle is that the scooter frame is extremely simple with modular design; fender, seat and other components can be disassembled and customized, the handlebar can quickly being folded,so manufactures can load more quantity in a container compared with Harley Davidson electric motorcycle.In addition it can also adding head lights,brake lights and mobile phone holder according to customer’s requriements or actual requirements.Very suitable for resort at the sand beach, city travel, transport goods and so on.

The positioning of Stator is aimed to 16-45 years old poeple, and those who want personality, including those students who still don’t have a car but need to travel in the school, even those youth who still haven’t got a driver ‘s license.

At present the Stator is still in the pre-sale stage, interested guys can directly registering on its official website and booking.