UL2272 approved electric kick scooter

On 20th December 2016,UL (China) held a meeting with the topical of “travel with quality,smart wins” in Beijing Kerry Hotel,to introduce new standards of balance scooter, unmanned aerial vehicles, electric bicycles as well as issue new UL certificate for applicant. Fast Wheel F0 electric kick scooter has got UL certification in November, which is the world’s first UL certified electric kick scooter,attend the meeting too.

 fast wheel ul2272 approved electric kick scooter

UL is short for Underwriter Laboratories (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) .UL safety testing is not only United States’s most authoritative, but also a big testing institue engaged in safety testing and identification. It uses scientific testing methods to determine all materials, devices, products, equipment, constructions, etc are not hazardous or hazardous to human life or property.UL has tested thousands of products and components according to the safety standards and in accordance with international standards.

UL is the world’s most well-known product safety certification institue, to achieve of product selling in North American , UL can’t be ignore. According to UL2272 certification standards, fast wheel F0 electric kick scooter meet four major item testing: electrical testing, mechanical testing, environmental testing, control panel function safety testing and other19 extreme abuse test: fire, water, drop, squeeze, shock etc, simulated the user’s behavior during various extreme situations, effectively ensure security and reliability of F0 electric kick scooter.
As the most important part of electric kick scooter, battery safety has been the biggest consumer consideration. Before reaching consumers, electric kick scooter battery have to undergo a series of safety testing. As the first batch of wholly UL2272 approved electric kick scooter F0, fast wheel technology has set a high standard on battery system, and has been implemented according to this standard since.

As we know, current fast wheel F0 electric kick scooter market share at home and abroad has been steady grown ,afer fast wheel technology got the UL certification this time,they will provide more differentiated products and services to customer all over the world , to strengthen China’s new energy in the international stage and got world’s industry recognition.

2017 latest electric skateboard news

During 2016, electric skateboard has became a popular products like hoverboard. During CES 2017,new electric skateboard with updated motor and speed mode has been came out.

2017 latest electric skateboard

Some electric skateboard has make the best improvements in the motor, power doubled with adding a 1000W sensorless brushless off road type motor and has better thermal performance. At the same time the safety of lithium batteries has also been improved to achieve two modes: temperature warning mode and over temperature mode. Once the over temperature mode is reached, the throttle is limited and the cooling time is given to ensure safety.

In addition, the electric skateboard headlights and taillights are still equipped. In order to be better recognized by drivers at night, headlamp brightness increased by 50%. The three modes of these high power LEDs are on, off and flashing, user can choose depending on the situation.

But the biggest improvement for electric skateboard is to provide four speed mode, so people with different experience levels can enjoy the ride of fun. At the lowest speed mode, the beginner can enjoy a maximum speed of 6 miles per hour and the user can get slow acceleration and affinity braking. At the fastest speed mode, the maximum speed up to 20 miles per hour, with extreme acceleration and extreme braking function. Normal mode and expert mode set between the two modes.

Talking about the price, normal electric skateboard cost around 400-1300USD,depending on detailed function and different brand. If reader are not sure which electric skateboard to buy, you can email us to ask for help.

Top 5 electric bicycles brand in 2016

In recent years, electric bicycles have become very important travel tools for people’s transportation . However, with the popular selling of electric bicycles, the quality complaints are rising all the way. Electric bicycle industry is becoming increasingly sophisticated today, the quality of products and services has become the core competitiveness of these electric bicycle brands. Today we will tell you the top 5 electric bicycle brands in 2016,these brands are selected from the market, they are with excellent quality & brand name from consumer’s saying.

New day electric bicycle

Official Website: www.xinri.com
As the No.1 of the electric biycle industry, the new day electric bicycle being No.1 with its unique “intelligent technology advantages” and “international professional fashion concept”. It is not only the world’s leading creators of intelligent electric vehicles,it also famous for its highest stress in electric bicycle details. New day use 35 automotive-grade process during manufacturer to ensure great user experience.

Opai electric bicycle

Official Website: www.opai.cn
Opai has been well known for the quality in the industry, its excellent quality has been praised by many dealers. Opai electric bicycle established a working principle of “high starting point, high standards and high quality” from its foundation, the pursuit of high quality products. In 2016, Opai also carefully filmed the “originality to the new” micro film, received wide acclaim within the industry.

Yadea electric bicycle

Official Website: www.yadea.com.cn
Yadea electric bicycles always adhere the development concept of “quality is the cornerstone, research and development is the driving force, service as a baisis”,and always adhere international standards to manufacture electric bicycles. The Yadea Z3 electric bicycles launched in 2016 set off the industry’s high end fashion trends, coupled with endorsement of popular male star “Hu Ge”,Yadea harvest a lot of young people’s favorite.

Lima electric bicycle

Official Website: www.shanghailima.com
Well known in China for the strong power, Lima vehicle industry group, facing problems caused by inproper installation and maintenance as well as bad quality products , they launched the “super-level” production quality management regulations.

Aima electric bicycle

Official Website: www.aimatech.com
Aima has always uphold production concept of quality superior, innovation as the corporate gene, adhere to the road of independent research and development.Aima attract the attention of consumers with its new personalized advertising commercials. Youth, fashion, vitality; Aima electric bicycle has brought an extraordinary experience to user.

2017 has coming, we are look forward to more exciting news of electric bicycle industry. Quality is the life of electric bicycles, only who pay close attention to product quality can win more consumer’s confidence.

Structure difference between electric bicycles and normal bicycles

Electric bicycles seems more and more popular now, almost 60% of bicycles you have seen on the street are powered by electricity.Today, we will share your some of the basic electric bicycle structures compared with normal bicycles, so all electric bicycle will became very simple to you from now on.Most electric bicycles are consist of below parts:

electric bicycle


Charger is a device to charge power to the battery, generally divided into two-stage charging mode and three-stage charging mode. 2-stage charging mode: firstly constant voltage charging, the charging current gradually reduced with the battery voltage increases , once battery capcity added to a certain extent, the battery voltage will rise to the set value, then converted to trickle charge stage. Three-stage charge mode: at the beginning of charging,firstly charging with constant current quickly and add energy to the battery; once the battery voltage rising a lot then converted to constant voltage charging stage, the battery energy will be added slowly and the battery voltage continues to rise in this stage ; once battery voltage reaches the termination voltage value, it will turned to trickle charge stage to maintain the battery and supply the battery self-discharge current.


Battery will provide electricity to the electric bicycles, electric bicycles mainly use lead-acid battery. However,nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium ion batteries have also been use in a lot of light folding electric bicycles.


Controller is the component to control the motor speed,also core of electric bicycles electric system, with undervoltage, current limiting or overcurrent protection functions. Intelligent controller also has a variety of cycling mode and bicycle electrical components self checking function. The controller is the core component of electric bicycles energy management and all kinds of control signal processing .

Handle bar

Handle bar is the signal input components for controller. The acceleration signal is the drive signal for the motor rotation of the electric bicycle. Brake signal is the signal tell the electric bicycle when to brakes, during this period internal electronic circuit will output an electrical signal to the controller,once controller received this signal, it will cut off the power supply to the motor, so as to achieve brake power off function.

Booster sensor

The booster sensor is a device that detects the pedaling force of the electric bicycles in the assisting mode. Controller will drive electric bicycle rotation based on human and power automatic matching with the boost sensor. At present, the most popular booster sensor is the axial double-side torque sensor, which is characterized of the ability to collect the left and right pedaling force, and adopt non-contact electromagnetic signal acquisition mode, thereby enhancing the accuracy of signal acquisition and reliability.


Motor is the most important parts of an electric bicycle, the motor basic decided the performance and grade of an electric bicycle. Motor used by electric bicycles are mostly high-performance rare earth permanent magnet motor, which is divided into high speed brush + gear motor, low speed brush motor and low speed brushless motor etc.

Lamps and instruments

Lighting, instrument parts is a combination to provide lighting and display the status of the electric bicycle. Instrument generally provides battery voltage display, bicycle speed display, riding status display, lamp status display functions. Intelligent instrument can also display the bicycle’s fault situation of electrical components.

Common structure

Most electric bikes use a hub type motor to directly drive the rotation of front or rear wheels. These hub wheel type motor drive the bicycle speed up to 20km/h according to different bicycle wheel sizes.Although appearance of these electric bicycles and battery installation location are not the same, but its driving and control principle are the same. This type of electric bicycle is the mainstream of electric bicycle products.

Special structure of electric bicycles

A small number of electric bicycle drive with non hub wheel type motor. These electric bicycles use side hung or columnar motor,friction tire motor etc. electric bicycles driven with this type of motor, the bicycle weight will be reduced a lot,however the motor efficiency is lower than the hub wheel type. In the case of the same battery capacity, these non hub wheel motor electric bicycles driving mileage is usually shorter by 5% -10% compared with hub wheel type motor electric bicycles.

Liky electric kick scooter: killer for city traffic jam

Most people living in the city have been facing the headache of traffic jam, then what should be done to resolve such a problem? Let the Liky city electric kick scooter to show its mettle.

Seamless access to various transport vehicles

Liky electric kick scooter has a small size compared to cars and other travel equipment, so even various narrow trails can pass freely,facing of congested urban traffic, it can not be affected by and flexible walk through. Compared with similar products, Liky electric kick scooter models seems more slim, and as the frame can be foldable, it weights only 13.5kg , the electric kick scooter can carry, and bring onto the bus, subway,private cars and other travel equipment, it can be seamlessly connected to other long distance travel tools so it can make up the disadvantage of the electric kick scooters can only deal with short distance travel, so that travel routes become more flexible and efficient.

More effort than walking

Liky electric kick scooter equipped with motor and battery pack, maximum driving speed up to 25km/h, climbing angle of 15 degree, 8 inch front and rear wheel design able to deal with most of the city traffic. From the bus station to home, home to the nearby community supermarkets and so on short distance travel scenarios, with Liky electric kick scooter,you don’t need to experience the fatigue of walking any more, and can save most of the time, do more with less time.

Comfortable experience

More portable design may affect the scooter’s riding experience, in this regard, Liky electric kick scooters has been taken relative balance in the R & D process , even with the compact design, we still do careful handling for the details to ensure the comfort using experience. First of all, most of its folding joints adopt the hidden design to ensure the beautiful outer appearance of, in the actual folding operation is also very simple and does not need to spend too much effort, so complete folding process only takes a few seconds . Secondly, its handle bar adopt adjust height design to suit for different riders, and also made convex design at the top of handle bar , the arm can be extended with greater space to ensure comfort . In order to deal with the safety of night riding, Liky electric kick scooter was designed with front and rear lights, the front is high intensity LED headlamps, in the rear with smart taillights which can automatically light up during brakes to remind the rear pedestrians,to ensure safety.

Compact, portable, practical, more comfortable riding experience, so that the Liky electric kick scooter, is very suitable and good choice for urban traffic jam nowadays. Of course, not only convenient for the trip ,at the same time it can also highlight the riders own personality, is it a unique fashion life advocates.

Mercury Dynamic M1 three wheels folding electric kick scooter

On December 7 2016, smart scooter manufacturer Mercury Dynamic from Beijing launched a new electric power scooter – Mercury M1 in the Jingdong fund rasing platform to meet consumers. This product dropped the industrial “public model” of common two wheels system, and innovative adopt three wheel reverse chassis system, a significant improvement of security and handling performance of emerging electric kick scooter.

Mercury Dynamic M1 three wheels folding electric kick scooter

As we all know, the triangle is the most stable geometry, but limited to the size and portability factors, the past electric scooters rarely used this triangle structure. Mercury Dynamic M1 chassis system is made of high strength die casting aluminum alloy, processing accuracy reaches 0.01 mm, the maximum load up to 100 kg. In order to solve the problem of volume increasing by three wheeled chassis, Mercury Dynamic designers have developed a new folding system – through the multi function connecting rod in the middle of the chassis, with pulling and folding movements the scooter can be quickly folded and unfolded. After the folding, the Mercury Dynamic M1 can be dragged as easily as a small suitcase to enter narrow subways, elevators, etc., and can easily be placed in the trunk of normal car.

In addition to the innovation on the chassis and folding system, the Mercury Dynamic M1 shock absorber system also refreshing people’s imagination for this type of product . The front damping system uses double wishbone suspension structure – this structure has excellent turning support, in the past this system mainly used for Ferrari, Maserati and other sports cars. Combined with a lot of high technology perfect in one, fully demonstrated the ability of Mercury Dynamic in innovation and system integration.

Hyundai IONIQ electric kick scooter showed in 2017 CES

Hyundai displayed a IONIQ autopilot electric vehicle in CES 2017, at the same time there is an IONIQ electric kick scooter, to help users solve the last mile of a trip.

IONIQ electric kick scooter is the best partner of electric vehicles, this electric kick scooter designed to work with the IONIQ electric vehicle, while not in usage it can be placed in the front door for charging. Of course, this also means that Hyundai may not sell this scooter separately , However this is just a concept product, more details have yet to be officially announced later.

hyundai ioniq electric scooter in open status

IONIQ electric kick scooter with folding design, so it is very convenient for portable. In addition, it equipped a headlight and tail light,and the digital instrument panel can show the real time speed, power and mileage. 12 miles per hour speed is quite enough for the urban shuttle , after all, it is a good choice for commuters.

hyundai ioniq folding electric kick scooter

Interestingly, the user can directly adjust the scooter speed through the “thumb switch”, such as sliding up means acceleration, decline to slow down or by pressing the plate brake on the rear wheel.

Unfortunately, Hyundai has not released maximum driving mileage of this electric kick scooter, listing date and price are unclear too.

Why the unicycle balance scooter will not fall down?

For the Chinese consumers, the first time to know about the electric balance scooter may dates back to the 2008 Olympic Games. At that time, the guards in the Olympic gym were riding on the electric balance scooter provided by American balance scooter manufacturer-Segway Inc, as a means of patrolling. But the balance scooter was the new darling attached with “military” and “import” etc tags, so many people stop looking at this new gadget, and self balance scooters are always cast a layer of mystery. Today we would like to explore the scientific principles behind the balance scooter with everyone.

The working principle of the unicycle (single wheel) balance scooter

Unicycle balance scooter

Why unicycle balance scooter will not fall down ?

On one hand it is due to people can adjust their body gravity and the balance scooter moving direction , the change of moving direction of the scooter will balance the gravity of the rollover moment due to inertia .There is also an important point is that high speed rotating wheel has a large angular momentum which can resist the external torque, same like the top does not fall. In university physics, this phenomenon is called precession, and the autobiographical body rotates the direction of the external moment by 90 degree,while here the wheel turns the rollover torque into the “steering torque”.

motor improve the scooter balance

On this basis, the self balancing electric unicycle scooter improved to be driven by the motor, use the gyroscopes and circuit board for controlling to ensure the scooter will not fall.The body can be tilted forward to start,speed is controlled by the degree of body tilt, If you want to speed up just lean forward, slow down during backward. Overing the active control, to ensure the normal working of single wheel balance scooter,the acceleration sensor and angular velocity sensor (gyroscope) can’t be separated.


The acceleration sensor can measure the acceleration caused by the gravitational force of the earth or the movement of the object,when measuring the acceleration value in one direction, we can compute the inclination of the scooter. For example, using acceleration signal in X axis, when the scooter is upright, acceleration will be fixed in X axis direction,and the output signal will be zero bias voltage signal. When the car is tilted, the acceleration of gravity g will form the acceleration component in the X axis direction, causing the output signal changes of the axis.But in the actual scooter running process, the acceleration signal produced by the motion of the balancing scooter itself will produce a large interference signal superimposed on the above mentioned measurement signal, so that the output signal can not accurately reflect the inclination of the true tilt angle. Therefore, the attitude information required for the upright control can not be completely obtained by acceleration sensor.

Angular speed sensor

Gyroscope can be used to measure the angular speed of the object. Balancing scooter installed with the gyroscope, you can measure the angular speed of the scooter, after integral processing on the angular speed signal,the scooter tilt can be obtained.

Core components of balance scooter

When it comes to balance,we have to talk about gyroscopes, the principle of gyroscopes is that the direction of the rotation axis of a rotating object will not change if do not affected by external forces.With this principle, something created to maintain direction was called gyroscope.It is also the principle when we riding a bike.


The quicker the wheels rotated the harder it can be fall down, because the axle has a level of power to maintain horizon. So once the unicycle balance scooter was running, it won’t fall down.

Smallest size electric unicycle balance scooter on the world

We have seen electric unicycle balance scooter before , although riding an electric unicycle requires riders with good body balance ability, but because of its small size, easy to carry,many people have taken it as a fashion travel vehicle. Whether it is on the way to or off work, in the park during weekend, or even a small countryside road, you can see the one wheel balance scooter.

When we say the electric unicycle balance scooter with small size, how small can it be ?

Today we would like to introduce world’s most compact Mini one wheel balancing scooter-Solowheel Iota. This is the latest scooter from solowheel, the wheel size is only 20cm, maximum load capacity up to 133.4kg.

Smallest size electric unicycle balance scooter on the world

Solowheel Iota’s design is very simple, combined color black, silver and red make it a very stylish look. The mini silver pedal designed without too much fancy,only classic elements. While not using,the pedal can folding to the wheel to maximum reduction of Slolowheel Iota size.

This Slolowheel Iota powered by large capacity lithium ion rechargeable battery, after fully charged driving distance can up to 12.8 km and the full charging process takes only 40 minutes. Whether it is for weekend leisure or to solve the last mile of commuting to work, can definitely suitable for you.

At this stage, this Slolowheel Iota electric unicycle balance scooter has landed on kickstarter.com for fund raising with a target fund of 50,000 USD . And this electric unicycle balance scooter target price is 395 USD , if all things goes well, it can be expected to finish bulk production on Sep,2017.

If you are planning to experience an electric unicycle balance scooter or want to solve the last mile of commuting problems, you can consider this Slolowheel Iota electric unicycle.

UL2272 approved 9 inch SUV hoverboard

Hoverboards happened to be an growing fixture around the roads just for more than a year, recording people’s imaginations and fulfilling the conjecture produced in “Back To The Future II”. Regrettably, hoverboards happen to be the topic of debate, as batteries have caught fire as well as explosion. We wish to introduce a UL2272 approved fire free 9 inch SUV hoverboard that can even ride on the sand beach to consumers.

9 inch SUV hoverboard UL2272 approved

This Sports utility vehicle hoverboard, with large format monster truck style wheels created for outside experience on snow, hard roads, riverbanks, and much more. The tires have deep lugs to supply traction and wick away dirt in the most difficult conditions.

This latest Sports utility vehicle hoverboard features 9 inch wheels, front led lights, rear turn signal lights and Bluetooth speaker. It utilizes mobile control application to supply users with the ultimate driving experience.

Other hoverboard brands offer similar hoverboards but none of them is UL2272 certified. The 9 inch Sports utility vehicle hoverboard may be the first 9 inch wheel hoverboard with UL certification. We feel this is really essential, because Sports utility vehicle hoverboarding is going to be much more challenging, therefore the hoverboards have to be much more robust to resist punishment that may happened with the truly amazing outdoors.