Self charging folding electric bicycle: is it a dream ?

Summary:Recently, the world’s largest crowd funding site kickstarter appears such an electric bicycle – not only provide electric power for driving, but also equipped with a unique kers kinetic energy recovery system.

Today, more and more people choose electric scooter as a daily means of transportation. Electric scooter environment protection, price affordable makes it very popular to public, it has been greatly improved the contradiction between urban traffic supply and demand. But riding an electric bicycle also has some trouble.Due to limited driving mileage,you may worry about halfway without battery on the road, it is really not a small trouble.

Well, in the world’s largest crowd funding site kickstarter there is such an folding electric bicycle named vellobike – not only to provide electric power, but also equipped with a unique kers kinetic energy recovery system. As long as the user is riding, the system will convert energy such as vehicle braking, running into electricity and stored in the battery. It is a new technology which FIA use in its F1 racing vehicles, and it is the first time to use in a electric bicycle or electric scooter.Maximum speed of this electric bicycle up to 25 km/h, with a driving mileage of 35km, and users do not need to worry about no electricity, as long as continuous riding will be able to charge the battery. The charging efficiency depends on the rider’s riding frequency and the slope angle of the road.

In addition to self-charging, another big selling point of the Vello bike is its powerful folding function.Although there is a lot of electric bicycle with folding design, but often folding steps is not easy, it is not useful actually. As picture above, you can easily complete the folding in two steps, which is same as our Knight folding electric bicycle. But the folding vellobike do not have to carry in the hand, you can directly push it across commuter metro, elevator etc.

Folding electric bicycle may replace bicycle soon !

With the development of economy, energy saving and environmental protection has become an indispensable part of life, folding bicycles and electric scooters are now widely used in daily life. Although the folding bicycles are easy to carry, but far less faster than Knight folding electric bicycle, and electric scooter is a bit larger while transfer during travelling. The Knight folding electric bicycle is easily portable as normal folding bike, but aslo fast enough. And also , we have equip the anti-theft function for it.

We have designed the Knight folding electric bicycle with strong enough aluminium alloy and built in lithium ion battery.At the same time, the battery can be also easily taken out and charge at home, this is really useful for citizens who living in a high building. Customer can also buy spare batteries, to improve the battery life and prolong the driving mileage.

We have equipped TUV or UL approved adapter for our Knight folding electric bicycle, we highly recommend consumer to use original TUV or UL approved adapter, to avoid damage to the battery, and also to avoid other accidents.

As the whole society promote environmental protection travel now, electric bicycle has a promising future, and folding electric bicycle with advantages such as light,energy saving, environmental protection,affordable price, certainly will be pursued by urban people pursued at the same time, With the technology development, materials and battery performance will be greatly enhanced, then, folding electric bicycle will be more popular, or even replace normal bicycle soon.

Experts: improper use of balance scooter may restrict transportation

For the newly regulation of “electric balance scooter prohibited on road” , senior researcher from Guangzhou Academy Of Social Sciences-Peng Peng said that ” clearly ban electric balance scooters, electric unicycles, electric skateboard and other skating tools on the road,the road safety can be improved and protected, it is no doubt. Because from the security aspect, this kind of balanced scooters safety factor certainly not as high as those buses, motor vehicles . And this type of transport, whether it is really a more energy-efficient, more humane means of transport, it should also be carefully considered whether is is a transport or entertainment props. From safety and traffic aspects, the electric balance scooter if used improperly,it will cause more harm than its advantage  to traffic safety, may also restrict the development of urban transport.

Peng Peng suggested that the Government should considering the regulation of “electric balance scooter prohibited on road,we must balance this pros and cons, whether usage of balance scooter in the end is more advantages or more disadvantages, how to bring more benefits than disadvantages during usage.

Also for the punishment of 50 yuan for usage of balance scooter on road, Peng Peng said the important is that” Will the policeman fine 50 yuan for usage of balance scooter on road and how to fine ? “.Although 50 yuan is not a big amount, but if tranffic policeman fine 50 yuan for balance scooter rider several times, then the rider may feel the pressure.

Tips for buying and using balancing scooter:
1. when choosing balance scooters, choose models suit for your own purpose.
2. carefully acquire about the warranty policy and after sale services, do not easily trust  introduction and commitment by the sales.
3. Check if the balance scooter is brand new and its all status good.
4. Using in a right open and smooth place.

Xiao Mi 9 self balance segway scooter features

Xiao Mi 9 self balance segway scooter features

1.Standing driving: Xiao Mi 9 self balance segway scooter using a standing driving style, Control the scooter movement through the body gravity and the knee controlled handle.Driver’s hands were totally freely, this is really cool and helpful.

2. Green. Xiao Mi 9 self balance segway scooter with battery-powered, completely free of pollution to the environment, absolutely green, and can be used with repeatedly charging. And the motor operating efficiency is high,with low noise and high efficiency, thus not only reducing the noise pollution, but also saves more energy.

3.Turning radius is very small, close to 0 degree. Make it suitable for using in a small space.For example: shopping malls, trail, talent market, workshops and so on.

4.No mechanical brake system:the angular signal was detected by the gyroscope, angle signal was detected by accelerometer, and then the CUP get the exact angle singal of two wheel electric balance scooter, the exact ,and transmit this signal to single-chip, so the PWM control module in the single-chip with control the rotatating direction of the motor.This will not only avoid the waste of energy, but also to avoid to wear the brake pads.

In our real life, two wheels self balance segway scooter ( former of Xiao Mi 9 self balance scooter ) have been adopted in some special industries, like during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the policeman using ” Segway Scooter” on the streets, so when the policemen encounter suspicious circumstances, they can respond very quickly, so it has been effectively improve the working effectiveness.

And also, Xiao Mi 9 self balance Segway scooter has been used for daily short travel and having fun.

Amazon sued because of hoverboard fire

At the end of 2015, several fires caused by self balance scooter resulting in the Amazon ban sales of balance scooters and similar equipment on December. Now, a US family from Nashville has sued Amazon to court, asking Amazon be responsible for their house burned worth $ 1 million , and seek compensation of $ 30 million. They also asked the jury to consider additional economic penalties for Amazon, as well as the physical and mental suffering they suffered.

The couple purchased a FITUBRO F1 hoverboard at $274.79 on Amazon’s as  Christmas gift for their 14 year old son in November 2015. They said that Amazon did not give a warning about the risk of fire,no warning about overheating after use, also there is no warning for overheating or charging of the product may cause a fire.

On January 9th, the FITURBO F1 hoverboard, suddenly caught fire while charging, then the fire spread quickly and burned the whole house. The couple’s teenage daughter,son and their father,  the bone was torn and caused nerve damage when they escaping from fire.The couple’s lawyer Steven Anderson said it was still unclear who was the manufacturer. If the manufacturer can not be found, the Tennessee law requires the seller to be liable for indemnification.

We kindly remind hoverboard manufacturer to pay more attention on the quality of hoverboard, this is important for user, dealer and the whole hoverboard industry.